Client Profile: iQ Power Tools

Client Snapshot:

Client: iQ Power Tools
Company Type: Corporation 
Industry: Construction
Location: Moreno Valley, Ca. 
Size: Under 20 employees 
Founded: 2010
Status: Privately held

Cutting Concrete

iQ Power Tools builds concrete and masonry cutting tools with integrated dust collection. 

If you’ve ever seen concrete, bricks or pavers being cut, you know how much dust comes off that saw. If you’ve never seen it, imagine the room you’re sitting in completely filled with a cloud of dust in about five seconds. 

This dust is a major problem for construction professionals. Not only is it a pain in the ass to clean up, but it’s a health hazard, a liability and an expense. One alternative is cutting wet – where a stream of water is directed onto the saw blade suppressing the dust – but that creates it’s own problems. The wet dust, called slurry, still makes a huge mess and in many cases contractors simply can’t cut wet. 

iQ’s Problem

iQ solves these problems for their customers with the only tools of their kind in the world. That’s a double-edged sword, though, because 90%+ of their ideal customers don’t even realize such tools exist. 

That’s where Round Two came in. iQ needed help with their online and offline marketing, in particular with educating their customer base on the tools and about dust. 

We’d done a few one-off design projects for iQ over the previous year, but we started working for iQ on retainer in April 2013. Since that time we’ve handled most all of iQ’s online marketing efforts. 

Time for Round Two

Here are most of the projects we’ve worked on for iQ: 

  • Website: responsive WordPress ecommerce website with blog, dealer locator, dealer lead form, customer support and product landing pages. 
  • Blog Content: articles for contractors, industry, and education about silica dust. 
  • Social Media: setting up and managing social media platforms, growing an audience, building engagement and paid advertising. 
  • Email: setting up and managing an email service provider (MailChimp), sending emails and growing the subscription base.
  • Design: product brochures, signage, marketing materials, magazine and web-based advertisements, sales tools and product decals.
  • Video: 20+ videos featuring product demos, walk-throughs and educational topics.  
  • Branding: establishing brand traits and persona, campaigns and messaging, including the War on Dust and brand campaign: No Dust. No Water. No Problems. 
  • Shows: attended Hardscape North America in Louisville, KY and World of Concrete in Las Vegas, NV, doing tool demos, interacting with customers, dealers and industry pros and selling tools.
  • Dealer Relationship and Onboarding Program: 1) a login-access website for dealers featuring a 12-part video training series, digital resources and rewards program; 2) a custom-designed welcome package for new dealers; 3) a five-part email series for new dealers getting them on board and starting fast. We also called dozens of dealers personally inviting them into the program.


Turning the Corner

Comparing the year-to-date figures from April 2013 to April 2014, iQ sales have increased by over 100% in one year. As we continue working with iQ for the foreseeable future our goals are to strengthen the iQ brand, educate customers and dealers, build our digital infrastructure and continue driving sales. 

We’ve seen positive results, we’ve learned a great deal about the industry, and there is still a long road ahead. We’re fortunate to be working for a great client. iQ and Round Two continue to grow together and forge a path to success. 

Check out iQ and some of the work we’ve done for them: