Monsters vs. Machines

Do you have a well-oiled marketing machine? Or do you have an all-consuming marketing monster?


Marketing monsters are dark and scary and hide in dimly lit corners. You don’t always know they’re there. But a marketing monster is a hungry beast.

You have customers. Messages. Products. And platforms. Your marketing monster is all of these mashed into a huge blob. You feed it money and time, but it just becomes a bigger blob. You don’t know how much bigger or what the monster is actually doing for you.

Social media is a perfect example of the marketing monster. You spend time setting up your platforms. You start posting content and getting some fans and followers. You get some likes, not that many retweets, and a few more fans.  You can spend 15 minutes or two hours, feel busy, and think you probably got something out of it.

Then you’re tempted to put some money into your social media. So you try a little here, little there. You get a little action which is encouraging, you see results for a while. But then your next post falls flat. And it’s back to the well.

The question is, what are you getting for your time and money? Is your social media strategy helping you reach your business objectives? If the answer is maybe, kinda, I’m not sure, or no, you have a marketing monster.

Social media is a good example, but the marketing blob is all of it: your messages, selling position, blog, email, website, lead capture, advertising, time, money and energy – without a cohesive plan or deliberate strategy. And the monster demands to be fed.


A marketing machine is very different. It’s got parts, components and mechanisms, each with a very specific function and purpose. You know what it’s doing. You can tell if it’s working. You can test, tweak, analyze and determine it’s effectiveness. You can feed the machine money and time and see what your results are.

The email autoresponder is a nifty little gadget in your machine.

You’re spending time and money driving traffic to your website. You need to get your money’s worth by capturing those visitors as subscribers and nurturing them as leads. An email autoresponder starts with a sexy new subscription form on your website. When your ideal customers subscribe they’ll be sent a series of emails automatically over a period of time.

An autoresponder:

  • nurtures new leads
  • creates a consistent experience for every new lead
  • allows you to deliver a marketing message over time
  • helps you build a relationship with your customer
  • works on autopilot – yes, autopilot

You invest some thoughtful energy up front, targeting your ideal customer and clarifying your message, and you get a mechanism working for you automatically. Which you can test, measure, adjust, improve and repeat. That’s the beauty of a marketing machine: you can focus on one piece, improve it, add new functions, tinker with others, and add fuel.

How to Kill the Monster

An autoresponder is a great function, but it’s only part of the machine. Your website, email, blog and social media must all work together to get that machine humming. And for that to happen you need a blueprint. Where things go, what they’re supposed to do, how it all works together. A content marketing strategy – that is thoughtful, targeted and deliberate.

With your blueprint and strategy, your different parts and mechanisms, and a set of tools to use, you’re ready to go.  Put them all together, and you’ve got a monster-killing content marketing machine.