Round Two’s Content Marketing ABC’s

You want to do content marketing. All the stuff –  website, blog, email, social media, SEO, landing pages, engagement, copywriting, and on –  you know is important, you’re doing some of it, but don’t understand all of it. And you don’t know if it’s working.

Where do you start?

By reading Round Two’s Content Marketing ABC’s:

(A) Attract Your Ideal Customers

The goal of your business is to get and keep customers. That starts with attraction:

  • getting their attention
  • getting them to subscribe to your email list
  • visit your website
  • follow you on social media
  • otherwise come into contact with your business

You may have heard the phrase, “Content is King.” It’s a cliche because it’s true as hell. Your ideal customers  love useful, valuable, free content on the internet that’s relevant to them. We call it attraction content, and that’s what you need to provide for them.


The first question you need to know the answer to is this: who is my ideal customer? Definitely write that down. You need to know exactly who your ideal customer is.

Once you know that, you figure out what’s valuable to them.  What do they care about? What is their problem? What do they need to know? What’s annoying for them? What’s something that would be very useful for them? What questions do they have about their problem? What are they trying to figure out? What’s a pain in the ass for them?

Your job is to know this, and to create content that:

  • answers their question
  • solves their problem
  • helps them figure it out

Content that makes you a hero.

That’s attraction content.

(B) Build Trust and Authority

Building trust means people read your emails. They listen to you. They pay attention. They’re willing to spare a few seconds of time to humor you.

Why would anyone trust you? Because every time you send them an email, or interact with them in any other way, you give them valuable content. Every time they open your email they say, “wow, that was great. I’m glad I read that.”

Not, “wow, another product/newsletter email blast shoved down my throat. DELETE.”

This is also where your voice comes in. What’s the voice of your business? What do you sound like in your customers’ ears? How do you come across? Much like you can hear the voice of Round Two reading this now, your customers hear the voice that’s speaking for your business. If you speak in a voice they understand, in their tone, using their language…you build trust.

Authority means being a perceived expert on the subject matter. Why do you know what you’re talking about? Why should your customers trust you? You must demonstrate authority with:

  • your background, qualifications, experience, or circumstance
  • a genuine voice
  • quality content

When your customers think of you, they should be thinking, “these guys know what they’re talking about, and they’re good at what they do.”

(C) Convert Ideal Customers Into Customers

With trust and authority, you are positioned to take the final step and exchange your product or service for payment. That starts with a great offer that’s:

  • relevant
  • well-communicated
  • at a price that adds value
  • includes clear call to action

Cap that off with a smooth, easy purchasing process.

Along with a great offer, you must also answer this question: with dozens or thousands of competitors, why should customers do business with you? What makes your business special? Why should your customer care? If you’ve attracted the right customers, developed authority and built their trust, and you make a great offer, you’ll find yourself with paying customers.

Easy as ABC

That’s how you do it. Easy to understand, more to the execution. Your content marketing strategy should be targeted, thoughtful and deliberate. And it should move your business goals forward.

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