What Round Two Does

We’re here to creatively advance the interests of each client, partner and associate. And grow our influence on the world, but we’ve told you about that already.

That’s important.

Because business, as far as we have it figured, is about getting and keeping customers–in our case clients. Getting clients means convincing them we can help, and enough to make it worth it. Keeping clients means proving it.

We survive by helping people. More specifically, helping businesses do what they’re trying to do. So not only do we have to get and keep clients for ourselves, but we have to get and keep customers for our clients.

Content Strategy and Marketing

We do content strategy and marketing. That’s all the stuff – website, blog, email marketing, social media, SEO, landing pages, engagement, advertising, copywriting, and on – that every business knows is important, they’re probably doing some of it but don’t understand all of it. And don’t know if it’s working.

Here’s a free hint: if you don’t know, it’s definitely not working.

When you lay it all out it’s a simple concept: build trusting relationships with your ideal target customers and make compelling offers to provide valuable products and services.

What makes it complex is the many tools, channels, moving pieces and regular activity that need to work together in a clear and well-thought strategy driving the business objectives forward. So it’s understandable that smart and capable business owners don’t know how to do it all.

The thing is, every company needs to be doing it. Business happens online, and successful online business is done with content marketing.

We help businesses understand all the pieces, how they work together and what they have to do to win.

It Wasn’t Always This Way

Round Two began as a website and design company. We did those and 100 other things reasonably well for six months, but at some point we started asking ourselves, what do we really do? Are we selling websites? Are we a design studio?

The thing is you can build a great website with tons of features and functionality, but just handing it over to your client can be like giving an Apache helicopter to an 8-year-old: it’s awesome but they don’t even know how to start it up.

Even with a good understanding, the website was only one piece of the puzzle, leaving the rest up to our client to figure out on their own. One-off website projects weren’t giving us a chance to help our clients advance their business.

There’s more to getting and keeping customers than a website. We saw a bigger picture and realized the real, tangible value to our clients – making their businesses more successful – is in content strategy and marketing. Not just the website, not just the blog or social media or SEO. The whole package.

With a team of talented professionals around us, we’re a Creative Group, working together for one purpose: make our clients famous.

The Big Picture

It’s taken a year to figure out what Round Two really does: we do content marketing. We also know how to get talented people around us, and know how to get things done.

In the meantime, while we work to make our clients famous, there’s more going on in the background. Secret projects. The long-termers. The big hitters. Real zingers. You’ll have to wait and see what those are all about.

Until then, you’re invited to stop by the Round Two studio. Bring a great attitude and some fresh ideas, you’ll fit right in.

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